mercredi 11 août 2010

Fashion is recycled.

So i'v noticed lately that the main fashion at the moment is the 60's fashion that has come back for example ;
-The pillbox hats ( that were famous in the 60's because they were the signature hats for Jacqueline Kennedy *first lady of the united states*)
- The veil hats (made of netting) and Alice bands
- The cameo necklaces and rings *wich i la-la-LOVE*
- The brooches
- The Chelsea bags
- The box bags
- Lace clothing
Anyway .. i think i prooved my point.. fashion is recycled.

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Looking glass blues - Charlotte Gainsbourg

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Mods Vs Rockers 1960's Subculture.

Okay so in August i have two weeks in England
and iv decided i'm going to 'discover' a new fashion
, and i was researching old London fashion trends when
i fell on this little baby called the mods vs rockers trend
in the 1960's,The Rockers adopted a biker gang image,
wearing clothes such as black leather jackets and
rode moterbikes.The mods adopted a pose of scooter
-driving sophistication, wearing suits and other cleancut
outfits. I have decided to go hunting for rockers unique clothing
items although the modern twist to this subculture has changed
adding some american clothing such as american football jackets
and converses.

Outfit Of The Day (Monday 5th of April )

Outfit Of The Day (Monday 5th of April )
Blazers are big at the moment so i bought myself a few,and found these Oxford inspired shoes in an unknown vintage shop in france, the victorian inspired necklace is from Miss Selfridges in Stratford-upon-avon and the dress from NewLook in Stratford too.

Marie Antoinette Look.

Marie Antoinette Look.
Necklace - New Look , Dress - Promode ,