lundi 30 août 2010

I have a new jacket made out of bird feathers , wanna see ? :)

jeudi 19 août 2010

Shopping ! ツ

Hello from the other side of the pond, I am now in England and like i told you guys i went to Bicester village yesterday and it was Amazing ! i bought so much .. i'll be putting up a video soon about it, i went to Alexander McQueen and the people in there were so nice ! but they didnt have the 2010 spring/ summer collection in , that one will be in next year so i'll definitly be going back for my Moth leggings .. but on the up side, i bought a purse ! and it's beautifull it was originaly 510 £ reduced to 120£ ! and i was going to buy a snake skin bag but it was originaly 2540 £ reduced to 1200£ but that was just wayyy to much for a bag, i went to Guess and bought a brown bag for 86£ and my sister got some Dior shoes, a Guess bag, some Ugg boots and a Ralph Laurent Jacket, We then went to Starbucks and had some Frappacinos <- i think that's how it's spelt ? , and i went into YSL in hopes to find a bag and found a really cute brown vintage bag for 600£ and then we drove back to Stratford and went to New Look and bought some jeans and accesories. Love Chloe ツ

samedi 14 août 2010

My favourite Alexander McQueen Fashion show

Like i have already told you guys, i am a huge Alexander McQueen fan , here is one of my favorite collections ;From reading the blog the fashion spot someone wrote that the show ran around an hour late, the audience were seated around the glass box in harsh lighting, they couldn’t see inside the box and they were obliged to sit and watch there own reflections and the people around them. “After a while this self scrutiny produced and intense and paranoid self consciousness.

Journalist Sarah Mower described it " A gathering of the prime arbiters of vanity". When the show started McQueen turned the audience into voyeurs, the lighting turned down on them and went on inside the box, which was made of reflective surveillance glass.

The models inside the box couldn’t see the audience but they could see themselves so basically the audience was watching the models watch themselves. For 10 minuets the models preened and strutted while admiring there own reflections”. Simply Amazing.

jeudi 12 août 2010

Alexander McQueen

So when i went to London in may, i went to oxford street and went to Selfridges and seen as i live in France we don't really see Selfridges but i assumed it was something like Gallery Lafayette. so as i walked in the first thing i saw was the Louis Vuitton shop and died, I looked at a few bags and then moved to Guess and my sister bought a Guess bag , and so i then went on to the next floor and went into Channel which was amazing and then at the very end i saw a sign .. Alexander McQueen ... i almost died .. first off ; there was no one in there and it was like a big shop and next off the woman behind the till looked about 17 and i think she was .. but she was so kind and there was jewellery in glass box's and a whole rack of his spring / summer 2010 collection and my jaw dropped when i saw that ; The snake print dress and leggings were there and so were the moth print leggings .. I'v had my eye on the snake print leggings forever. But yeah the atmosphere in that shop was amazing i felt like I was a part of the Alexander McQueen experience, just to have been in there merely months after he passed away was emotional but beautiful. Next week on tuesday i'm flying from Nice airport to southampton and my sister is coming to pick me up and were going back to her place in Stratford , We have planned so many things to do while i am there for two weeks, but first were going on a shopping spree in Bicester Village where the Alexander McQueen shop is and YSL and Louis Vuitton, Burberry , Calvin Klein etc..
And today i found out that the Alexander McQueen shop in Bicester is having a 60% off sale !

mercredi 11 août 2010

Fashion is recycled.

So i'v noticed lately that the main fashion at the moment is the 60's fashion that has come back for example ;
-The pillbox hats ( that were famous in the 60's because they were the signature hats for Jacqueline Kennedy *first lady of the united states*)
- The veil hats (made of netting) and Alice bands
- The cameo necklaces and rings *wich i la-la-LOVE*
- The brooches
- The Chelsea bags
- The box bags
- Lace clothing
Anyway .. i think i prooved my point.. fashion is recycled.

jeudi 5 août 2010

Beach Photoshoot ツ

So last week me and my bestfriend decided to have a photoshoot on the beach and then go and burn in the sun, and i couldnt put these pictures up until now because i'd lost my lead from my camera to my laptop so had to buy a new one, but yeah i finished editing them and here they are; This dress was given to me by my sister because it was too small for her, i love the pattern its like an inky color and the necklace is actually my bestfriend's she bought it in france in one of the little gift shops along the coast.

Playsuits :)

So today I'm in the south of France on holiday near St.Tropez with my best friend and we heard of a morning market in Frejus and i was pleasantly surprised at how big it was, earlier in the week i have seen women in floras playsuits, I have been looking for some forever, they have sort of a vintage feel to them... So yeah I was at this market and i came across two floral playsuits, I almost died when i saw them, and they were only 15 euros each , so of course i bought them ... of course ! I absolutely love the fabric on them, iv been wearing them around the pool, and you can pear them with some nice gladiator shoes and a hat and a brown shoulder bag and you can wear them in town ..So yeah I just wanted to share my joy of finding these baby's and i highly suggest them , I also think Top shop and New Look are selling them x

Looking glass blues - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Festival head ☮

My LookBook

Mods Vs Rockers 1960's Subculture.

Okay so in August i have two weeks in England
and iv decided i'm going to 'discover' a new fashion
, and i was researching old London fashion trends when
i fell on this little baby called the mods vs rockers trend
in the 1960's,The Rockers adopted a biker gang image,
wearing clothes such as black leather jackets and
rode moterbikes.The mods adopted a pose of scooter
-driving sophistication, wearing suits and other cleancut
outfits. I have decided to go hunting for rockers unique clothing
items although the modern twist to this subculture has changed
adding some american clothing such as american football jackets
and converses.

Outfit Of The Day (Monday 5th of April )

Outfit Of The Day (Monday 5th of April )
Blazers are big at the moment so i bought myself a few,and found these Oxford inspired shoes in an unknown vintage shop in france, the victorian inspired necklace is from Miss Selfridges in Stratford-upon-avon and the dress from NewLook in Stratford too.

Marie Antoinette Look.

Marie Antoinette Look.
Necklace - New Look , Dress - Promode ,